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The ABFNS Association

(Association des Brocanteurs et Fripiers Non Sédentaires)


ABFNS is a local association dedicated to representing and defending the collective rights and interests of its profession. Creator of the Broglies concept, it optimizes the local antiques and flea market by organizing 6 thematic market-events a year. They bring together antique and second-hand dealers from near and far in the heart of Strasbourg’s historic center: the Place Broglie.

The Association also participates in all projects and actions initiated by organizations or structures that contribute to the development of Antiquité-Brocante. It is the spokesperson for the needs of professionals and supports their necessary evolution at a time when all-digital technology is disrupting practices.

The ABFNS contributes to the international reputation of Strasbourg* and its heritage. Each year, The Broglies attracts several thousand visitors from all over the world. The event gives the European capital a high profile, at a time when an ever-growing number of visitors are discovering their passion for antiques!

The Association pays particular attention to the quality and attractiveness of its markets. We guarantee a wide variety of objects at all prices. Exceptional pieces rub shoulders with small, affordable treasures, and each exhibitor offers his collections under the SNCAO-GA label.


In 2013, The Broglies was awarded the “France-Europe-Antiquité-Qualité” label by the Syndicat National du Commerce de l’Antiquité, de l’Occasion et des Galeries d’Art moderne et contemporain (SNCAO-GA) in the “Permanent Market” category. This makes The Broglies the first second-hand market in France to be awarded the label!

The purpose of the SNCAO-GA label is to distinguish the organizer and his exhibitors who, together, through their rigorous choices, have succeeded in exhibiting quality merchandise and thus protecting the profession.

This quality label meets six criteria:

  • The authenticity of the merchandise,
  • Professional expertise,
  • Object traceability,
  • Compliance with administrative regulations,
  • The reputation and liveliness of the village or market.

For visitors to the Broglies aisles, this label is a guarantee of the quality of the objects presented by the professionals.